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The Services We Offer

EC offers a wide range of services for project design, construction and/or operation in different industries, e.g.: heat and nuclear power industry; mineral resources upstream and downstream projects; chemical and pharmaceutical; transport and communications; loading/unloading terminals, port facilities, etc.

Environmental Services:

  • Environmental   Impact   Assessment   studies   and   products   and  Environmental   Protection   Books   for   existing   or   designed  facilities.
  • Environmental   and   HSE-oriented   field   and   desk   studies,  monitoring programs and procedures.
  • Quantitative   environmental   standards   and   limits, certification  services.
  • Environmental calculations, mathematical modeling and environmental impact forecast.
  • Building environmental GIS systems and GIS-based maps.
  • Environmental audit.
  • Calculation of the environmental impact-based payments, e.g.:
       -  Payment for use of natural resources (such as land, water,  
          forest, biotic resources);
       -  Payment   for   pollution   of   environment   (discharge,
          emission, waste disposal);
       -  Payment for remediation of land and rehabilitation of natural
          resources (performed by third parties).
  • Environmental risk and damage evaluations.
  • Environmental consulting on HSE legislation and management practices.
  • Progressing the deliverables through regional and federal approvals.

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Moscow, Russia, 119571
tel. +7 (499) 503-93-93, 503-93-83, +7 (495) 646-31-01
fax +7 (499) 503-93-93, 503-93-83,
e-mail ec@ecifpa.ru
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