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Environmental Centre IFPA portfolio to date includes over a hundred Environmental (Impact) Assessment studies completed for projects in various industries of the country, e.g. oil and gas, nuclear civil industry, mining, metallurgy, chemical, pharmaceutical, transport (air, railway, vehicular, maritime).

Some of the larger projects include:

  • Exploratory drilling on the Caspian shelf (Hvalynskaya, Shirotnaya, Sarmatskaya, Rakushechnaya structures).
  • Kravtsovskoye appraisal drilling and oilfield construction in the Baltic Sea.
  • Sakhalin-1, Sakhalin-2 (Phase 1, Phase 1A and Phase 2) projects in the Sea of Okhotsk, including appraisal drilling, oilfield construction onshore and offshore.
  • Projects of oil / gas pipeline systems:
       -  Caspian Pipeline Consortium pipeline (CPC);
       -  Baltic Pipeline System (BPS);
       -  Russia China;
       -  East Siberia to Pacific Coast (aka ESPO);
       -  Yamal Centre;
       -  Haryaga Indiga.
  • Large-scale environmental survey campaigns in CPC pipeline zone, West Salym oilfield in Western Siberia and ESPO pipeline zone in Eastern Siberia.
  • A number of projects in other industries, e.g. chemical plants in the cities of Vladimir and Krymsk, an ammonia bulker unit near Temryuk at the coast of Azov Sea in Southern Russia, the Sheremetyevo International Airport expansion project, the sea trading port in the city of Lomonosov at the Baltic coast, etc.

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